In our world of relentless jostling for survival, where we’re buried with trivia and trauma, we all covet moments to catch our breath and rejuvenate our weary, worn beings.

Breathing is an activity destined for self-nourishment, but it also constitutes our main link with all existence. For the same air flows in and out of the lungs of all living things.

So, why not launch every morn by reciting some version of the mantra of Thich Nhat Hanh: “Breathing in, I calm my body and mind. Breathing out, I smile.”

Having every one of the 75 trillion cells in our bodies breathing more slowly and harmoniously is decisive to a hale and holy day.

Breathing in, breathing out…

Blessings and cheers, Tom Owen-Towle


About Tom Owen-Towle

With 44 plus years in Unitarian Universalist ministry and four decades of leadership in the men’s movement, Tom Owen-Towle brings a seasoned perspective to the topics of progressive religion, partnership, gender justice, parenting, and citizenship in the global family. Tom Owen-Towle has been a parish minister since 1967 and is the author of two dozen books on various topics of personal growth, social compassion, and spiritual depth. He has been partnered in marriage for 38 years to Carolyn Sheets Owen-Towle, and they are devoted parents of four and active grandparents of six. He is also a guitarist, a Little League coach, a budding magician and merry-maker, especially with seniors. Owen-Towle is a national leader who continues to conduct workshops and retreats on the core themes of his books.
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  1. congratulations, my beloved brother! magnificently done website required to handle the magnificent soul you are! looking forward to more insights from my lifetime role model! love to you, carolyn and team owen-towle… phil and gail

  2. Hello Tom, How can one connect and participate with your blogs? Phyllis and I miss you in San Diego. So we are glad when your assignment finishes June 26, 2011. Frank Willey told me he was inviting you to preach at UU Summit. So we would like to be alerted when you preach or conduct seminars at Summit or First San Diego.

    Phyllis and I would like to invite you and Carolyn to our home for dinner, bocce and viewing blooming flowers from July on when afternoons are cool.

    Phyllis and I are reaching 7 th decade living on planet Earth. We would like to invite both of you to our 70 th birthday party after June Farmers Agents Convention 2011 in Las Vegas. So on our home stretch, we would like to continue to connect as friends Tom! Continue to beam your light and inspiration to People around you!


    Damien & Phyllis Simeone
    2069 Vista Hermosa Way
    El Cajon, Ca. 92019
    Home 858-272-0234
    Insurance Office 858-459-3741

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