Pleasantly Surprised

Since my new book, THEOLOGY ABLAZE, has been published and promoted, I am pleasantly surprised that folks from my high school, college, and seminary years (over 50 years and counting!) have learned about this book on a life-affirming, liberating, and loving religion and are ordering it. It also grants me an opportunity to reconnect with some long-lost friends.

In this stage in our lives, we are trying to be “elder” not merely “older”.

Let’s hear it for graying gracefully.

From my heart to yours, Tom O-T


About Tom Owen-Towle

With 44 plus years in Unitarian Universalist ministry and four decades of leadership in the men’s movement, Tom Owen-Towle brings a seasoned perspective to the topics of progressive religion, partnership, gender justice, parenting, and citizenship in the global family. Tom Owen-Towle has been a parish minister since 1967 and is the author of two dozen books on various topics of personal growth, social compassion, and spiritual depth. He has been partnered in marriage for 38 years to Carolyn Sheets Owen-Towle, and they are devoted parents of four and active grandparents of six. He is also a guitarist, a Little League coach, a budding magician and merry-maker, especially with seniors. Owen-Towle is a national leader who continues to conduct workshops and retreats on the core themes of his books.
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